You can become a private pilot for airplanes if you’re 17 and know English. In addition, for airplane single engine you have to:

  • Have at least 40 hours of total flight time
  • Receive and log the required ground and flght training including:
    • minimum 20 hours of flight instruction (DUAL)
    • 3 hours of DUAL in the last 60 days on exam maneuvers
    • 3 hours of DUAL instrument training
    • 3 hours of DUAL at night with 10 takeoffs and landings
  • Have 10 hours of SOLO experience including:
    • 3 takeoffs and full-stop landings at a towered airport
    • 5 hours of SOLO CROSS-COUNTRY
    • over 150NM cross-country with a leg over 50NM
  • Hold at least a 3rd Class Medical Certificate
  • Pass the FAA knowledge test with a minimum score of 70
  • Receive endorsements from a CFI for both the knowledge and practical tests


As a private pilot you may:

  • Act as the Pilot-In-Command of flights with passengers worldwide
  • Demonstrate airplanes in flight if you have more than 200 hours PIC
  • Tow gliders if you meet the respective PIC and training requirements