You’ve taken the first step towards getting a pilot license.
Flying will open up new worlds and new possibilities. How about flying to the beach for the day? Flying your friends to a near-by town for lunch? Or visiting family without spending hours or days in the car? You can decide to fly for or a career as a corporate or even an airline pilot. You can do it!

Introductory Flight Lesson
Introductory Flight Lessons are fun and exciting for people of all ages. This first lesson in a Cessna 172 is affordable and makes for a great gift for anyone interested in learning to fly.  Your lesson begins with one of our Certified Flight Instructors on the ground going over safety procedures and pre-flighting of the aircraft.  Next, you take to the sky and get to fly the aircraft!  We have gift certificates available for that person dreaming of becoming a pilot in your life.
Introductory Flight Lesson: 30 minutes on the ground and 30 minutes in the air for only $120
Extended Introductory Flight Lesson: 30 minutes on the ground and 60 minutes in the air for only $210


Flight students, please bring proof of citizenship (birth certificate with a picture ID or passport) to your first flight lesson.
This is a TSA rule that applies to anyone beginning primary training or any additional rating.

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Financing Options:
We have partnered with Pilot Finance, LLC to offer affordable programs to make your dreams a reality.  Call today to schedule your appointment with Amber to discuss how Pilot Finance can help you achieve your goals with a flight training specific loan. Contact us today at (509) 547-6271.






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