You’ve taken the first step towards getting a pilot certificate.

Flying will open up new worlds and new possibilities. How about flying to the beach for the day? Flying your friends to a near-by town for lunch? Or visiting family without spending hours or days in the car? You can decide to fly for leisure or a career as a corporate or even an airline pilot. You can do it!

Introductory Flight Lesson only $120!
Bergstrom Aircraft, Inc. is your Tri-Cities Aviation Center. If you are dreaming about flying then it’s time to schedule an Introductory Flight Lesson! Your introductory flight is not just a joy ride – it is also your first flight lesson. This is your first opportunity to:

1. Visually inspect the aircraft before flight,
2. Taxi out to the runway and Take off,
3. Fly a real airplane (with your Flight Instructor right beside you)
4. Land, park, and shut down.

You’ll  fly a popular training airplane, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. During the flight, an instructor will be sitting beside you with another set of flight controls, but you’ll be in the pilot’s seat. To your amazement, the flight instructor will let you take the controls (he or she will be there to assist, of course) and show you how beautiful the Tri-Cities looks from above. Your flight will last about 30 minutes, and you will even receive a logbook so you can record your flight lesson and it counts toward the required flight time for your pilot certificate.

There is no obligation or class sign-up required. This is the best way to discover what flying is all about. After your Introductory Flight Lesson you can discuss your goals with the Flight Instructor and come up with a plan to achieve your Wings! Our Flight School is a work-at-your-own-pace program, customized to your needs. Flight Lessons can be scheduled once a week, twice a week, or whatever suits your schedule. We are flexible!
Call now 1-509-547-6271 to fly a plane on an Introductory Flight Lesson!

Club Memberships

Here at Bergstrom we like to offer our students and renters the most cost effective options! If you’re interested in joining our club membership, please click here for more information!

Flight students, please bring proof of citizenship (birth certificate with picture ID or passport) to your first flight lesson. This is a TSA rule that applies to anyone beginning primary training or any additional rating. For more information, see

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