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From Kirby Comeaux on 25-Nov-2013
     Initially, Bergstrom was not the FBO I had planned to use. I called their competitor first, since they had a lower fuel price and asked about landing fees and available services. The representative who answered the phone made some negative comments about Bergstrom, which proved to be false. To try to confirm that information, I called Bergstrom and asked about their prices and services as well and found that the competitor had intentionally made those statements to get our business. I addressed those issues with Amber, the general manager at Bergstrom. She responded with grace and class and refused to bad-mouth their competitor. I was immediately impressed with that, and their service and professionalism confirmed that we made the right choice. Bergstrom has a warm and friendly atmosphere, and they make you feel comfortable and welcome from the first moment you arrive. I highly recommend them, regardless of your aircraft type or operation. 
From Doug Haughton on 22-Aug-2013
     We received excellent service after arriving in our Bonanza. Jeff went out of his way to make sure that our needs were met. We appreciate the courtesy and hospitality. 
From JoAnne Alcorn on 19-Jun-2013
     The Air Race Classic 2013 started in KPSC. Bergstrom’s was the FBO and was incomparable. The service, whether it was for maintenance, fueling, aircraft moving, facilities, and administrative assistance was more than we could have expected. Malin and Michel became friends of the racers during our few days there. Always professional and ready to help with advice and service. They were part of the team. We all thank them heartily. 
From Shannon Osborne on 18-Jun-2013
     Some of the nicest can do folks you will ever meet. With no exception, each person I encountered was knowledgeable, helpful, warm and genuine. A pleasure to have had the opportunity to spend a couple days with this well oiled team! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! 
From Maureen Kenney on 18-Jun-2013
     They met the challenge of 45 planes with cheer and efficiency. We were here for three days and the service was excellent throughout. 
From Mary Build on 18-Jun-2013

   We had a need for maintenance when we arrived for the Air Race Classic and we were expertly handled. During our stay they were extremely organized and helpful. Thanks especially to Luke and Michel at Bergstrom’s. I would definitely come here again. 
From Brad Goldman on 28-May-2013
     On takeoff experienced a battery discharge and problem from my alternator. Returned to the airport and taxied to Bergstrom. I determined the alternator cable had failed and asked for a mechanic. Daniel Bergstrom comes to the aircraft, tows it to the hangar and quickly repairs the problem. Daniel never lead on he was a Bergstrom, just seemed to be a down to earth guy that happened to be a skilled A&P. I was on my way in no time and the company wasn’t all worked up about immediate payment. They sent an invoice and the charge was EXTREMELY FAIR! They have the most beautiful gals working at the front desk and the courtesy car is appreciated. Thanks, Bergrstrom! 
From Brendan Boyd on 09-May-2013
     These guys rock! Had a flat tire out on the runway, tower was able to help us coordinate with Bergstrom maintenance to recover the aircraft. They had us up and running again in no time! Superb customer service, comfortable facilities and just a great group of people! Keep it up!
From Earl Werner on 05-Nov-2012
     Arrived with a bunch of Duck Hunters in a King Air on the weekend of 11/2. Met at the plane with our rental cars. They got the crew a comp rate at a great hotel that saved each $100. Superior service without fees. 
From Sean Strasburg on 02-Nov-2012
     Real friendly and easy FBO for a Jet A quick-turn. The staff was prompt and professional. I used them twice in one day for a fuel stop and was very pleased with their performance. I’ll definitely be back in the future. 
From Matt Beaulaurier on 18-Aug-2012
     Stopped briefly for fuel and we were treated like royalty even in our small aircraft. The apron is a little confusing with all the construction but they found a spot for us and topped us off while we enjoyed the lounge. 
From Fred W. Anderka on 22-Jun-2012
     Stopped again at Bergstrom Aircraft. In my Velocity on my trip to the west coast. As before I was again impressed with the excellent service provided by all the FBO staff. 
From Todd Lemieux on 20-Feb-2012
     We stopped here with my T-28B and stayed the night. The staff was very professional and accommodating, even to us Canadians! A great place to stop!!!! 
From Charles Ivester, N2365S on 03-Feb-2012
     Excellent FBO with a comfortable lounge. They took great care of my Malibu and me. Highly recommend. 
From Earl Werner on 17-Nov-2011
     Brought a group of Duck hunters in a King Air on Friday and left on Sunday. On arrival brought the cars to the plane and returned them to Hertz on our departure. Overall great service. In the 1970’s Bergstrom maintained my plane when I lived in the area. Very nice to see that a Company can make it this long in General Aviation. And it is due to their superior Customer Service. 
From George Ford on 19-Oct-2011
     Five Diamond service. A pleasure to work with. This is the type of service you get at luxury hotels but without the cost. These are REAL people that really care and it shows. I flew in and the rental car was waiting at the front door for me and the price was already discounted. Fuel price was excellent and I look forward to coming back. Super clean operation inside and out. 
Subject:BERGSTROM AIRCRAFT, INC   A/C Type Beech 400A, 8/25/11 (via
I just want to say thanks to the excellent folks at Bergstrom. You all went above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs were taken care of. By far the most accommodating and friendly people that I have come across in a very long time. Thanks again for the exceptional service!
Subject: BERGSTROM AIRCRAFT, INC   A/C Type CJ3, 7/6/11 (via

Great all around FBO. Their CSR’s are very professional and always eager to help. Their line is very knowlegable, well trained and safety oriented. If you want top notch treatment for your passengers go to Bergstrom!
Subject:Greatr FBO      A/C Type Citation 1/6/11  (via quick turn service and volume fuel discount. passengers appreciated the clean, modern, very nice executive terminal and helpful staff. Rental cars were ready and warmed up. we’ll be back.

From Jay Hulbert on 05-Aug-2011 (via

Flew into Pasco for a business meeting and ended up hanging out for about an hour at Bergstrom. Staff is extremely friendly and helpful, offered a courtesy car. Coffee was good, facility is clean and comfortable. Highly recommended stop!
From B Reynolds on 01-Aug-2011 (via
These people know what service is all about. We were there for the Airshow. At the last minute we had an electrical problem. The Bergstrom crew jumped in to help and we got it started at the last minute. A great group of people, like family. I hope to be back soon!

From Hugh Batten on 18-May-2011 (via

    I recently used Bergstrom Aircraft FBO on a trip through KPSC. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the staff from the line crew to the customer service representatives. We flew in with a Learjet with an exorbitant amount of luggage in which was handled politely where many line crews would have not. Car rental, hotel, aircraft staging were all handled effortlessly by Bergstrom and I would highly recommend any jet crews coming through Pasco to use Bergstrom for their FBO services.
From Tristan Gossens on 15-May-2011 (via
    Great place. Super friendly and helpful. Services are always prompt and done well. I fly all over the US and Canada and this is my favorite FBO!
From Jay S Jump on 29-Apr-2011 (via

  Flew down to meet a client. The situation necessitated a private conference. The conference room was taken at the facility, but they graciously offered up the office of one of their staff members, and allowed us to have our meeting in private. I thought this was over the top as we were imposing upon them, but true to their spirit of customer service, they made us feel welcome, offered to bring in some water or whatever we needed. That is the kind of service I am always flattered to receive. These guys will always have my business when I fly into Pasco.
From Benjamin Quinby on 04-Mar-2011 (via
    Bergstrom always gives us great service. We had a minor maintenance issue and the folks here did a great job.

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the excellent service I received at Bergstrom Aircraft this April.  I appreciate the extra effort from everyone involved in helping me achieve an ATP rating – maintenance, scheduling, administration and instruction.  You run a very professional outfit and were very attentive to my requests for instruction.  Please send my thanks to maintenance for keeping the Seneca up and running and ready to go on time.  Thanks to Whitney and Amber for their pleasant personalities and making sure I had a room at the Red Lion, Dave for hammering home the need for centerline landings (amongst other important items), and Jim for a very thorough and successful ATP checkride.  I enjoyed my instruction with your company and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.
Thank you again,
–Nate Yarusso

On April 26th, 2013, I presented my hubby with a flying lesson for his birthday. I had never seen him so giddy! Flying became his passion and his dream…and this morning (10 days short of a year later) that dream came true! Mark passed his flight test and is now a licensed Private Pilot! I am the PROUDEST wife in the world right now! My heart is so full of joy for him…I cannot wait to see what adventures lie ahead for him – and us – as his passion takes “full flight”. I love you Mark Vreeland and I am not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome having a pilot as arm candy! Bring on the open skies! Cheers!
–Christine Vreeland

I didn’t even know about the program until my wife and daughter bought me an introductory flight for fathers day. I thought that was the coolest gift EVER!!
–Tom Rivard

Bergstrom Aircraft remains 1st rate in training, equipment quality, safety and maintenance, and is still very competitive price wise, and is very nice to deal with.
–Jim Franz

To the Great Staff at Bergstrom Aviation,
My wife and I flew into Pasco yesterday on the Collings foundation B-17. Upon arrival one of your staff was kind enough to drive us to the the main terminal where we could pick up our rental care for the drive back to Seattle. (Some of us had to work today… 🙂 ) We wold both like to thank you for your courtesy, it was much appreciated, as was the very pleasant young lady who drove us. Thanks to your assistance and wonderful staff, it helped make the whole days experience even more special for my wife and I.
Thank You again!!!
–Tom & Roberta Hawkins

“Bergstrom’s is one of the most professional FBOs I have had the pleasure to know. Every aspect of the operation is run in a customer-friendly, open access fashion with an emphasis on quality. The maintainence shop is highly knowledgeable and helpful, whether its an annual or an oil change. They work with you to get the most from your airplane. The rental fleet is diverse and well-maintained, and service is excellent. The instructors are well above the average found at most FBOs. The instructors at Bergstrom’s appear to be sincerely committed to teaching as an important end, not merely the means to an end. They have a depth of knowledge, use a variety of teaching approaches, and work together as a team to support the learning experience. Most importantly, they love flying, and they share that enthusiasm and passion with all their customers.
— Karin Rodland C-ASEL-I (thanks to Bergstrom’s!)”

Bergstrom Staff – You are First Class! Thanks for your help, patience and understanding. Keep smiling – Keep Flying!!
Private Pilot!
–James B,

To George, Peter, Donna and all the staff at Bergstrom Aircraft, thank you for making my training a pleasurable experience. Your professionalism and hospitality are outstanding. A big thank you for all the re-arranging of schedules and aircraft (and students) to fit me in. The results were outstanding! I was well prepared and felt all went well. Most important is that “I learned” throughout the whole process and yes, did get the CFII, “finally”! J I will certainly recommend your skills and services to others.
–Barbara C.

Malin and everyone at Bergstrom’s,
Thanks for your kindness and generosity. We appreciate your help during our overnight stay at Tri-Cities due to weather. The hangar availability was great.
–Luke, DJ, and Aaron, Moody Aviation flight students

We would like to say thanks for the Northwest hospitality and your help in the success of our mission.
Fly safe,
–Steve and Todd. M.I.T. Flight Testing

Mitch, Gerry, George, Justin and Donna,
I want to thank all of you for the IFR ground school class instruction and the really nice graduation get together. As I told the folks at the graduation, I’m sure I would have missed a whole lot more questions on the successful FAA exam if I had not taken the class! I will now plan to do some flight instruction with you. My girlfriend Cindy, who some of you met last evening, now says she wants to take a class with you! This is good news for me.
Thanks again for your gracious hospitality.
–Bill D.

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